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Making irregular remarks

Oil Change

Title: Oil change
Prompt: I swear sir! It's not what you think it is!
Prompted by Anon  on a team prompts <a href="http://community.livejournal.com/ateam_prompts/4432.html?thread=1606736#t1606736"> here. </a>



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Power as currency for Control

Title: Powers as currency for Control
Prompt: posted by anon in A-team prompts: Hannibal/Murdock

Immediately after Mexico, Murdock propositions Hannibal. Murdock's had a lot of abusive sexual experiences and thinks this is the only way he'll get to keep his place on the team, but Hannibal doesn't know Murdock's thought process and actually really likes Murdock. Cue Murdock being confused when the sex isn't painful and degrading and just generally freaking out at Hannibal treating him so well and then coming to the conclusion that Hannibal must be pretending that Murdock is really Face.

This can end in whatever way anon thinks best. Because I'm an awful person, I'd love it if this continues for years and neither Hannibal nor Murdock find out what's going on in the other's head, but that is totally optional :D

Warnings: Dark fic, dub-con.


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Friday, I'm in love!

Title: Friday, I'm in love.
Prompt: fluff/courting fic based on Cure song, 'Friday I'm in love'.


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Outside Take

Title: The Outside Take
Prompt: filled for anonymous prompter on A-Team Prompts
Rating: ah...Tame?



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Wyverns are apparently asexual.

Watched another bad movie, was thoroughly pleased. I foresee this LJ page as being a mix of fanfiction and my running comentary on bad movies.

Anyway, the bad movie of the day is Wyvern. Yes, another tale of a cold Alaskan town stuck in the middle of a long stretch of midnight sun, dealing with Hypomania and preparing for a solstice festival and then getting hunted by a large flying reptile that has apparently survived thousands of years (or hundreds or even millions, it ain't specified) in a polar ice cap that has just melted.

My favorite part of this movie is Haas, played by Barry Corbin. Those of you that watch your old 80s shows might know him as the badguy (Kincaid) that hired the mercenary group to take out that fifteen year old kid in Waiting for Insane Wayne (the A-Team). Gosh, he looked younger then. And brunette. He was also in Northern Exposure and The Closer (he's Brenda's daddy!).

Heh, Northern Exposure. Oh, wait, I need to get back to what the title is about, don't I?

Anyway, throughout the entire movie, there is one wyvern, which basically tears apart communication and radio towers to make its nest, instead of using the readily available trees. Which begs the question, what did it make its nests with before it got frozen in a block of ice? Fairly sure there were not radio towers up several hundred years ago. Anyway, it makes a nest and then lays eggs. But there's only one wyvern. Where does it get the genetic material (ahem) to make these eggs and how, if the event (cough) happened before it (she?) was frozen, are the eggs still viable?  If she doesn't need a mate, then she's asexual. Which begs the next question...

Why are there not more of them? Asexual creatures are fantastically prolific, and considering what an effective killer this creature is, means the world should have been overrun. Perhaps the population crashed after thirty generations as the scientists say...

I put way too much thought into something that's basically a throw-popcorn-at-the-screen movie. Maybe I should go write fanfic instead...

(Funny Quote)

Claire: Would you look at yourselves? A truck driver, a DJ, a retired colonel, and a hillbilly.
Haas: Hey, who you calling a hillbilly?
Claire: Haas, you made your own fur jacket.

Songfic Prompt
Title: Songfic Prompt (? Really?)
Author: Splotcher
Posted: A-Team Prompts


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Alaska hijackers, really?!
Title: Untitled (Alaska Hijackers, really?!
Author: Splotcher
Posted to : A-Team Prompts.


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Bad Movies are more awesome when you know your Zoology
So I watched Leeches! again. For those of you that don't know, Leeches! was a B-movie about leeches mutated on steroids which then rise up to improbably suck dry an entire men's college swim team (which have been taking steroids) and their girlfriends(who, despite the fact that several of the men have been taking steroids for a prolonged period of time, have no problem in the bedroom), with the exception of the unbuilt nerdy swim kid (interesting twist at the end for him though, I applaud the decent plot twist.) .

I just want to point out that even if you fed leeches steroids, the chances of them going from two inches to twenty-four in the span of what appears to be two hours or less is improbable, as is the severe behavior change of suddenly hunting in packs, gliding instead of the normal method of travel, and apparently attacking their prey from the inside. That's what makes Bad movies awesome- not only do you pick out the obvious flaws (like what exactly is a fair-skinned red head doing in the desert and managing somehow to get through the ordeal without getting horribly burnt) but you get to laugh at the mistakes that you may not have seen without that special extra knowledge. 

Don't get me wrong. I love watching bad movies. It's a hobby. When I was younger, I watched Them!, which I heartily recommend to anyone. Leeches! is in the same category of horrifically bad, extrememly entertaining amusement.

Stevo isn't here anymore. Trust in Splotcher.

Greeting, Salutations
Greetings and Salutations. I've wandered livejournal for a long time but never posted...suppose I should start, no? My username is Splotcher. A Splotch is an irregular mark. I am Splotcher, therefore I make irregular marks. Or perhaps irregular remarks? Does it matter?

Anyway, I'm a grad student of Zoology, I like to read and write, and when classes are too much, I de-stress by watching bad movies and good 80's shows.

I encourage people to talk to me. I start off with really flowery language when I first meet new people, then I relax. Sometime I write so much that I forget what I started with and end up somewhere different. It's all part of the experience, baby.